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Marjara & Associates is in its 10th year of serving clients in the FMCG, consumer, consumables and industrial product lines. We represent mid sized and niche companies from around the globe in Indian market.

For these years our mission has been to help you to achieve your business goals in India and guide you through the sometimes challenging terrain of Indian business valuation, strategy planning, market research and channel development.

Marjara & Associates was founded by G.S. Marjara in January 1998, after thirteen years of rich work in the field of distribution network development. In general, we look for companies with sales between $1 and $20 million, but we do not limit our services to that range. Our goal is to do the best job possible for our clients, so we analyse each prospective company to determine whether we are in a position to provide the value they are looking for and make the connections they require. If so, the size of the company is not an important factor.

We have worked with over 25 businesses including consumer goods companies, FMCG companies, industrial manufacturers, service companies and municipalities.
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