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Product Sourcing Best purchase is the guaranty for optimum profitability!
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Growing demand for Indian products on the strength of their quality and competitive pricing is making India the best choice for bulk buyer in comparison to other Asian countries.
Marjara & Associates offers full length consultancy service to represent overseas buyers in India for procuring right product.
Our expert consultants do:
marketing agency Allocation of RIGHT manufacturers/suppliers.
brand equity Evaluation of manufacturer/supplier capabilities to give RIGHT product to overseas buyer, we do visit every short-listed manufacturer/supplier.
market research Inspection of material/consignment during manufacturing process until dispatch, to ensure quality.
Indian market We negotiate with manufacturer/supplier to get best pricing for buyer.
(We represent only overseas buyers and not manufacturer/supplier in our country)
References can be provided for our successful product sourcing projects, from our globally spread principals (buyers).
We have successfully done product sourcing in the product line of:
Food: Spices, Pickles, Wheat floor, Snacks, Sweets, Rice, Cookies
Building: Plumbing Pipes, Electrical (Power) cables, Electrical Switches, Bathroom fixtures (Taps etc.), PVC Conduit Pipes, Ply and Board.
Garments: Ethnic Indian Dress, T-Shirts, Trousers.
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