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Marketing Consultants - Distribution network development
Product Sourcing, consumer products, building products, industrial products
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Qualification, experience, opportunities and exposure gave us enough abilities to work on all product / service lines from Industrial to Institutional, Consumer to FMCG, Consumables to services, some of the products we have worked so far are:
Building products (PVC floor coverings, CPVC plumbing system)
brand equity Electrical products (MCBs, ELCBs, Electrical insulation tape)
marketing consultants Electronic products (Security system for building, vehicle, brief case)
brand equity FMCG products (Imported condoms, imported confectionery, Indian confectionery, species, pickles and toothbrush)
market research Industrial products (Chemicals, flanges, pipes)
Indian market Consumer products (Imported Teak Wood, Imported Fabrics, Imported toys, Indian shoes, shirts, cycle parts, office stationary, leather cloth)
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