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We learnt that a person or a group of person are fraudulently approaching channel partners, dealers / distributors / franchise / C&F etc with fake identities, name and phone numbers posing as managers / employees of our company at various locations and are offering lucrative dealership to attract the channel partners.

During this process they are seeking fee from them in cash / kind or otherwise which is absolutely not practice of our company.

With this public notice we categorically announce that neither we charge fee in cash / kind or otherwise from any channel partner for our principles. When we offer them business opportunities nor any of our management or employee are authorized or suppose to collect such fee in any shape for the said purpose.

Hence, it is advised that in any such event the credentials of the person must be check with us on our official phone number +919814098660 otherwise entering into business with fraud representatives would be without any liability to us and on own cost and risk of the channel partner.

It is very sad that few people do fraudulent tactics and defame ethical companies like ours and we do feel sorry that we have to make this announcement as part of our online portfolio. But circumstantially very important and is headed. All said and done we would remain in the business on our ethical principles.

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